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Residential “Backyard” Burn Permit


New: April 30, 2018.  The 2017 – 2018 residential “backyard” burning program ends on April 30, 2018.  Big Sur Fire thanks everyone for their cooperation during this past burn season.  The 2018 – 2019 residential “backyard” burn season is expected to begin on December 1, 2018.


Beginning with the “Backyard Burn” season starting on December 1, 2012 as regulated by the Monterey Bay Air Resources District, Big Sur Fire now requires a permit for burning yard trimmings on residential property within the response area of Big Sur Fire.  Burning on residential property requires a permit from either the local fire department or the Monterey Bay Air Resources District.  In order to properly manage and monitor residential burning within the Big Sur community at the local level,  burn permits are now required from Big Sur Fire.

Permits for burning on residential property within the response area of  Big Sur Fire are valid for the entire burn season which usually begins on December 1st of each year and ends on April 30th of the following year. The actual dates and length of the burn period may vary depending on environment conditions. Each new burn season requires a new burn permit, unless extended for an additional year.  There is no fee for the burn permit.

The Residential Burn Permit is for burning yard trimmings only on residential property in accordance with the terms and conditions as outlined in the burn permit.  Any violations of the terms and conditions of the permit may be cause for the permit being revoked. A burn permit for recreational fires or barbecues is not required.

Information on “backyard burning” can be found at the MBARD website at: www.mbard.org or by clicking here: MBARD Backyard Burning Program.” Specific information from the MBARD website relating to backyard burning can be found below:



Residential Burn Permit Procedures:

1.  The Residential Burn Permit is available below as a “fill-in” Portable Document Format (PDF) form.  You must have Adobe Reader to view and complete the form.  Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free at   www.adobe.com.

2.  Open the form below and save the blank form as a PDF to the hard drive of your computer.  If the filling in form fields is not supported, you may have to “Open the Form in a Different Viewer.”

3.  Open and complete the form from your computer and save to your computer as a PDF using the burn location address as the file name.

4.  Send an email to the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade at:  bigsurfire@gmail.com with the completed PDF form as an attachment.

5.  The completed PDF form can be also be printed from your computer and mailed to: BSVFB  P.O. Box 520   Big Sur, CA  93920

6.  After the permit is received by the BSVFB, an approved permit will be returned to the applicant.  Please be sure to indicate on the permit if you want the approved permit returned by email or through the postal service.

7.  Burning is not to occur unless an approved permit is received by the applicant.

Questions concerning the Residential Burn Permit process can be sent to bigsurfire@gmail.com or by calling: 831-667-2113