Annual Awards

 Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade

2016 Annual Awards


On December 11, 2016, we held our annual holiday dinner graciously hosted by our wonderful friends at the Nepenthe Restaurant. The dinner is a great time to get together as the year winds down and an opportunity to honor our annual Fire Brigade award winners.   Each year we typically honor a “Volunteer of the Year”, a “Rookie of the Year”, an “Engine Company of the Year”, and a special recognition known as the “Chiefs Award.”  As always, this year’s annual dinner was a great success with a wonderful turnout from Brigade members, family, friends, and members of our Board of Directors.  Thanks to all who attended along with special thanks to the Nepenthe Restaurant staff and General Manager Kirk Gafill for their wonderful hospitality.



The annual Volunteer of the Year Award honors a member who has made an outstanding contribution to emergency service, the community, and the Brigade.  Without hesitation, the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade is honored to announce Trey Kropp as the recipient of the 2016 Volunteer of the Year.


2016 Volunteer of the Year Award Proclamation – Trey Kropp









Each year we honor a new fire brigade member that has shown extreme dedication to the Brigade and and Big Sur Community.  Although this award goes to a newer member of the Brigade, the performance and accomplishments are by no means lessened due to the short time with the Brigade.  It is with extreme pride and honor that we recognize Fabian Perez as the 2016 Rookie of the Year.

2016 Rookie of the Year Award Proclamation – Fabian Perez