Station and Equipment

Fire Station - Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade

Fire Station – Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade

We have three fire “stations” located along the Big Sur coast between Hurricane Point on the north, and the San Luis Obispo County line to the south.

Station #1, our first real fire station was built in 1992 and is our headquarters fire station.  Station #1 is a 8000 square foot building located on the Post Ranch Inn property in the heart of the Big Sur village. Station #1 contains our our office, training center, and the majority of our equipment and apparatus. The station houses our Type I and III engines, a 1500 gallon water tender, a 4000 gallon water tender, a rescue vehicle, and a small quick response pick up outfitted with water, foam and emergency equipment. Additionally, the Big Sur Firehouse is home to a County sponsored American Medical Response ambulance with a 24-hour paramedic team serving the Big Sur community.

Station #2 is located at the South Coast Center along the coast at the Esalen Institute. Station #2 houses one rescue vehicle and one type III engine.

Station #4, we are saving room for a future Station #3,  is at the Willow Springs CALTRANS yard and houses one Type IV engine and a rescue vehicle year round. We supplement Station #4 with an additional engine or water tender during the summer fire season.