Big Sur Fire Roster

Big Sur Fire is a group of committed and highly motivated individuals dedicated to serving the Big Sur community and surrounding area.  Their service to the community is at the highest level which provides for an effective and efficient fire and rescue emergency response. The dedication they possess is not only for the residents and businesses of Big Sur, but also for the many visitors and guests that frequent the Big Sur area.


Fire Chief:

Matthew Harris



Jeannie Alexander                         Medical Captain

John Coombs                                 Medical Lieutenant


Engine 7831:                                (Station #1)

Marcus Foster                                   Acting Captain

Trey Kropp                                         Engineer

Martine Palafox                                 Firefighter

James Betts, M.D.                            Firefighter

Fabian Perez                                     Firefighter

Luke Perkins                                     Firefighter

Rafael Garcia                                    Firefighter

Katie Lewis                                        Firefighter

Adam Slawter                                    Firefighter

Lyle Southall                                      Firefighter


Engine 7852:                                (Station #2)

Jon Knight                                           Captain

Thomas Leahy                                   Lieutenant

Jeff Carmichael                                  Engineer

James Barrow                                    Firefighter


Engine 7854:                                 (Station #4)

Rayner Marx                                       Captain

Caleb Chesser                                  Firefighter

Joel DePola                                       Firefighter

Mike Handy                                         Firefighter

Brooke Russell                                  Firefighter


Water Tenders Drivers / Operators:

Hubbs Hubback

Jess Mason

Tevye Morgenrath

Jim Gray


2019 Board of Directors:

Frank Pinney                                  Chair

James Betts, M.D.                         Vice-Chair

Barbara Sexton                              Secretary

Lana Weeks                                   Treasurer

Matt Glazer

Corinne Handy

Joe Stutler


Administrative Personnel:

Tori Chesebrough-Buckles                              Administrative Assistant

Jaci Pappas                                                        Bookkeeper

Angela Padilla                                                    Administrative Assistant

Terry Hallock                                                      Grant Applications / Administration


Support Personnel:

Chris Smith                                                          Fire / Rescue Trainer

Dan Gearhart                                                       Webmaster / Photographer