Learn about the history of Big Sur Fire in this comprehensive 2008 article by Gary Koeppel:

Founding the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade



Interested in the history of Big Sur?  Check out the Big Sur Historical Society:

Big Sur Historical Society



Fires in Big Sur have had a significant impact to the local community and surrounding area.  Read about a historical fire that impacted Big Sur in 1906 from the 2004 edition of the Double Cone Quarterly:

Big Sur Fire of 1906



Landslides and rock falls along Highway 1 have affected travel through the Big Sur area for as long as there has been a highway.   Learn about the history of road closures along Highway 1 in this comprehensive report prepared by CALTRANS District 5 as part of the Coast Highway Management Plan:

A History of Road Closures Along Highway 1, Big Sur Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties, CA.





Hitchhiking in Big Sur - 1971

Hitchhiking in Big Sur, 1971


















Deetjen's Big Sur Inn

Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn


















River Inn, early 1960's

River Inn, early 1960’s
















Post Family Homestead, built in 1877.

Post Family Homestead, built in 1877.