Basin Complex Fire

In the summer of 2008, the State of California was struck with one of the worst fire seasons on record. The largest fire in the state that year, the Basin Complex – Indians Fire, burned for over a month in the Los Padres National Forest of the Santa Lucia Mountains causing a severe impact to the Big Sur Community.  The Basin Complex – Indians Fire resulted in the merger of two fires that eventually burned 244,196 acres making the fire the third largest fire in California history as of September 11, 2015.  The first fire, the Indians Fire started on June 8th by an unattended campfire in the Los Padres National Forest near Escondido Campground.  The second fire, the Basin Fire was actually its self the merger of two fires that started on June 21st due to a lightning strike; one starting near Bear Basin the “Basin Fire,” and the other starting near the Coast Gallery the “Gallery Fire”.  All these fires eventually merged together and burned until July 27th at which time the entire complex was declared 100% contained.


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© D.M. Troutman

© D.M. Troutman